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Green Motion and the environment

Green motion recognizes its environmental responsibility

Green Motion Vehicle Rental recognizes that the day-to-day business operations have an impact on the environment, both directly and indirectly. It is our objective to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice wherever possible. Green Motion will work to include environmental options into our business decisions and adopt green alternatives wherever possible at our head office and throughout our UK and international network. 

As well as offering a green vehicle rental service we have concentrated on ensuring that the principle activities of our business have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. 

In all areas of our business we aspire to:

  • Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations
  • Prevent pollution to land, air and water
  • Reduce water and energy use
  • Minimize waste and increase recycling within the framework of our waste management procedures
  • Make use of environmentally friendly products and sustainable materials in the make up of all our offices throughout our network
  • Involve customers, suppliers and partners in the implementation of our objectives
  • Promote environmentally responsible purchasing

How are we doing?

At our locations - as previously mentioned, as well as operating a fully environmentally friendly vehicle rental fleet, each location supports and adopts our own environmental policy.

Power Generation

Where appropriate, Green Motion installs power generation that is supported either by wind turbine or solar power technologies. Prior to a Green Motion vehicle rental location opening a full assessment is undertaken to gain an understanding of the power requirements which, in turn, allows Green Motion to ascertain the best way of providing electricity and heat.

Power Supply

In some cases it is necessary for Green Motion locations to receive power supply (or alternatively heating) via the national grid. Should this be the case, it is a mandatory requirement for locations to utilize power suppliers selected as a result of their 'green' credentials.


Each Green Motion location features low energy lighting units and adheres to the use of low energy light bulbs. In some cases the installation of passive sensors that turn lights on and off automatically (dependant on the particular space they are lighting and its use) is recommended.


As part of the installation of each Green Motion location, environmentally friendly proven flooring is provided.

Shopfitting Materials

Where possible, all materials utilized in the shopfitting of each Green Motion location are sourced from environmental suppliers, utilizing recycled materials or products form sustainable/renewable sources.

Sanitary and Toiletries

Each Green Motion location features recycled/environmentally friendly sanitary items and toiletries including toilet rolls and antibacterial hand washes.

Paper Use

While it is accepted that the use of paper may be required to ensure each location functions correctly, each Green Motion branch is encouraged to have a 'paper free' environment where possible.


Each location utilizes recycled stationery and materials which are sourced via Green Motion's marketing department. The use of recycled stationery and materials is extended to such items as envelopes and photocopy paper.

Recycle Zones

Each Green Motion location is provided with a number of product specific recycle bins which they are required to utilize in the correct manner, ensuring that any waste collected is disposed of through the relevant channels.

Customer Waste

Each Green Motion location provides customers with a waste collection bag (contained in each vehicle). Vehicle rental customers are encouraged to tidy waste into the collection bag and hand it in to the branch for recycling on the cessation of their rental.

Vehicle Valeting

Each Green Motion location utilizes approved environmentally friendly chemicals for the use of cleaning vehicles.

All employees are responsible for working towards the objectives contained within this policy. 

As we constantly strive to improve our environmental initiatives we welcome any input or suggestions you have on any area of our business. If you would like any further information on Green Motion's commitment to the environment or would like to make any suggestions please telephone us on +30 210 6022300 or alternatively email us at info@greenmotion.gr